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Adoptable Animals

You can also find our available animals on  PetFinder or Adopt-A-Pet!

You must submit an adoption application to be considered for adoption:

This page is still under construction while we configure our software.

All animal profiles are automatically updated by our software.  Please contact us with questions or submit an adoption application.

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Adoption Info

Everything you need to know about adopting!

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Spay and Neuter Surgery

All animals are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

This helps control the homeless pet population, prevents undesirable behaviors such as marking and humping, and also eliminates several serious health risks later in life!

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All animals receive all vaccinations recommended by our vet to prevent serious contagious diseases and keep them healthy

The specific vaccines they receive varies based on species, age, weight, and health condition at intake, but we provide a full vaccination history


Parasite Prevention

All animals receive prevention products that kill and prevent the infestation of future parasites including:






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All animals are implanted with a microchip under their skin prior to adoption

This chip stays in them for their entire life, and is easily and painlessly scanned at any vet clinic, shelter, or boarding facility your pet may end up at if they become lost.  The microchip links to your information, allowing the finder to contact you and reunite you with your pet!

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Medical Care

All animals receive full medical care needed during their time with us.

Special Needs, Illnesses, and Injuries are managed under vet recommendations, and are given every medication or treatment needed to get as healthy as possible!

Adopters receive a full detailed medical history and background as we know it for each animal

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Lifelong Support

All adopters receive an adoption packet with helpful resources to help welcome your new family member

Adopters also receive advice and support from us for the life of their pet.  We're ready to help any way we can!

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