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We'd love to hear from you, and help if we can!  We're a volunteer organization, so please be patient!

Please note, we are foster-based.  There is no brick & mortar location to visit.  You can find our adoptable animals on (Petfinder link here)!

Christiansburg, Virginia

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Image by Laura Chouette
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                                                                I Found A Kitten!


Scoop it up, or leave it be?

How to tell if immediate help is needed, or if it's best to come back with a plan

How to tell if Mom is nearby

Keep it WARM!

Warmth is BEST way to help a kitten!

Quick, easy, and safe ways to provide an appropriate heat source

Kibble, can, or bottle?

When, what, and how to feed based on age and condition

Options for feeding newborns in a pinch

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Whether you want to keep, foster, or hand the kitten off, find answers, options, and advice

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