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All Things Kitten

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All Things Kitten: News


                                                                I Found A Kitten!


Scoop it up, or leave it be?

How to tell if immediate help is needed, or if it's best to come back with a plan

How to tell if Mom is nearby

Keep it WARM!

Warmth is BEST way to help a kitten!

Quick, easy, and safe ways to provide an appropriate heat source

Kibble, can, or bottle?

When, what, and how to feed based on age and condition

Options for feeding newborns in a pinch

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Whether you want to keep, foster, or hand the kitten off, find answers, options, and advice

All Things Kitten: List
Cat's Nose

Kitten Resources

All the best info gathered in one place!

Explore below to find info about kitten care including diet, bottle feeding & weaning, health concerns, parasites, development, aging, sexing, pottying and litter box training, crisis & emergency triage, and more!

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a quick guide for

When to scoop them up and when to leave them be

How to know if Mom is nearby

How to make it through the first 24hrs

how old is it?


Several guides with pictures and descriptions to help you determine the age of a kitten

Aging helps determine necessary diet and level of care needed

Boy or Girl?


Several guides with pictures and descriptions to help you determine the gender of a kitten

is it healthy?

Health Conditions

A quick guide to determining estimated health status of a new kitten

This version of the guide is for newly found kittens, as an initial triage and assessment

what do I feed it?

Diet & Nutrition

Kittens need specific diets based on their age

What to feed, how often to feed, and where to get it


Bottle Feeding

An easy to follow, step-by-step guide to bottle feeding to help anyone learn, no experience necessary

Includes troubleshooting and supply recommendations

babies & litter boxes


What goes in must come out

Guide for successfully stimulating newborns to potty

Guide to introducing the litter box and instinctual behaviors

Troubleshooting potty concerns

kittens need warmth

Heat Sources

A guide to safe and appropriate heat sources, how to make them, or where to find them, and how to use them

How to tell how much warmth a kitten needs

keep everyone safe

Health Quarantine

How to help protect your home, family, and pets from potential contagious diseases a new kitten may carry

How to provide an appropriate quarantine space for a kitten based on age and condition

Can't find what you're looking for?  Let us know what topics you'd like to see added to our kitten resources page!

All Things Kitten: List
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